Spa Facilities

The Spa facilities of Prana Residence will indulge your body, rejuvenate your mind and inspire your spirit. With its full-size indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, cold plunge deep tub, indoor Jacuzzi, hot tub, solarium and over-sized shower, Prana Residence-Spa is the perfect destination for your total relaxation.

Prana Residence-Spa offers a multitude of services for you to enjoy throughout your stay. A full spa menu provided by highly skilled professionals will include a variety of massage, facial treatments and yoga lessons. The facilities include:

Indoor Swimming Pool
A luxurious indoor heated swimming pool (20 foot-wide, 40 foot-long, 3 to 5.5 foot-deep), with its 18 foot high geodesic dome ceiling, is interconnected to the indoor Jacuzzi, hot tub, sauna and the master bedroom.

Outdoor Hot Tub
The swimming pool opens out to a fabulous outdoor hot tub on the wooden deck. This is an ideal spot all year-round, from which guests can fully enjoy the inspiring color changes of the famous Connecticut fall foliage and the scenery of winter’s snow-capped landscape.

Sauna and Cold Plunge Pool
A six-person traditional Swedish cider wood sauna with a hot stone heater, 4.5 foot deep cold plunge pool and shower facility with two oversized shower heads compliment the spa facilities.

Indoor Jacuzzi
The free-form Jacuzzi, located behind the bed in the master bedroom, suggests additional relaxation before and after sleep, and connects to the indoor pool and other spa facilities.

A 30 x 30 SQ foot solarium provides relaxing extension to the Prana Residence-Spa facilities. Guests can enjoy this room for sun bathing, massage therapy, or romantic sunset dining. The solarium opens to a serene and wooded estate with large boulders, an ideal spot for reading and reflection.